When You Can’t Live Without an Electric Vehicle

Posted August 17, 2018 12:09:49 When you think of electric vehicles, you probably think of the Tesla Model S and the Nissan Leaf.However, the two electric vehicles that are on the road right now have very different specs, so it’s not exactly a fair comparison.There are plenty of other electric vehicles out there, but none […]

Tesla electric water heaters to come in the US

Tesla will begin selling electric water heating in the United States this fall, according to the company’s chief executive officer.Electric water heat is one of the most powerful forms of heat in the world.But the heating method is also complicated, costly, and, for the majority of people, too expensive to be a viable alternative to […]

Electric Drum Set: Electric Wholesalers

Electric drum sets are an exciting new way to get your beats to your beats.They are inexpensive, portable and simple to assemble.And with electric saws and electric saw blades, you can add more power to your set.Check out the best electric drum sets for your music tastes.1.The Electric Drumset Electric Drum Sets for Your Music […]