How to install a Tesla Model S in the middle of Tennessee

A Tennessee electric car dealership is offering its customers an option to pay for the car with electricity instead of gas, in what it says is an “opportunity for local businesses to benefit from the additional revenue.”The $100,000 Tesla Roadster S electric car is one of many options the dealership is running, along with other […]

Best electric kettle with a good selection of features

Best electric kettles are a popular and convenient option for those who want to enjoy an all-natural, healthy and nutritious beverage without sacrificing taste.The range of kettle styles, and the range of ingredients available, is also well-stocked and offers a great option for many who enjoy a low-calorie beverage and a clean kitchen.The best electric […]

When it comes to power, you want the right tool for the job

I’m sure there are many people who don’t want to buy a car because they’re concerned about the environmental impact of electric vehicles.They’ll drive a couple of miles on a charger, then switch to a gas or diesel model, and drive off.That’s fine, but there’s nothing wrong with using the best battery power you can […]