Tesla plans electric SUV with 1,000-mile range

Posted July 26, 2019 09:58:57The electric SUV that Tesla plans to unveil next year in an effort to turn its Model 3 into a mass-market mass-production vehicle has a battery capacity of 1,200 miles.Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has long touted the Model 3’s range and claimed it could reach 100 miles on a […]

Electric car charging stations could open in Tampa

Tampa, Florida – Electric car chargers will soon be available in the Tampa Bay area.A Tampa Bay Public Utilities Commission (PUC) press release says the station is being developed to help reduce the carbon footprint of electric vehicles.The project, which will be open by December, will also be the first in Florida.“I think that this […]

How to get a cheap power supply

What you need to know about the electrical power supply industry article Power supply manufacturers, power supply suppliers, and distributors all need to have a decent electrical supply.The key to being successful in the industry is a reliable supply of electricity, and there are lots of ways to get that.Here’s everything you need.What you need […]

How to use the new electric griddle

The electric grilling and griddle electric car are coming.They are the latest additions to the growing list of electric vehicles that can power their own engines and power up your home.And for a good reason.The technology is simple, reliable, and can produce more power than a diesel engine.The biggest challenge is finding the right equipment.Here’s […]