What can electric vehicles do for Ireland?

Electric cars are poised to change the way we get around Ireland, as they are now the leading source of electricity for the country.However, a growing number of people are sceptical about their future.In the US, Tesla Motors has become one of the most prominent names in electric vehicles, but its share price is still […]

General Electric’s American Electric Power, which makes the electric cigarette, is moving forward with its expansion plans

General Electric is looking to build its new $1.2 billion electric cigarette plant in Indiana, a move that could further expand its business.The company’s new plant would add to its current 1,300-acre electric cigarette manufacturing facility in South Carolina.The plant would be one of three new facilities planned in the state, joining a new $600 […]

Electric car charger and electric smoker best in class

Best electric car chargers can help save you money on gas.It’s not only the electric car but also electric smokers and electric kettle.These appliances can save you about $50 per year if you buy them in a store.That means the average electric car owner saves $1,700 per year when you buy the appliance, according to […]