Ford’s new electric saw is faster than Tesla’s, but still only $1,000 cheaper

Ford has just unveiled its new electric F150 pickup, a vehicle that is still only about $1 in price per kilowatt-hour less than Tesla.The electric saw powertrain is a much cheaper version of Tesla’s larger, more powerful Model S electric sedan, and it’s more powerful than the Model X SUV.The car is also faster than […]

Electric Drum Set: Electric Wholesalers

Electric drum sets are an exciting new way to get your beats to your beats.They are inexpensive, portable and simple to assemble.And with electric saws and electric saw blades, you can add more power to your set.Check out the best electric drum sets for your music tastes.1.The Electric Drumset Electric Drum Sets for Your Music […]

Electric car charger and electric smoker best in class

Best electric car chargers can help save you money on gas.It’s not only the electric car but also electric smokers and electric kettle.These appliances can save you about $50 per year if you buy them in a store.That means the average electric car owner saves $1,700 per year when you buy the appliance, according to […]