How much does electric car cost?

Electric cars are about to become the fastest-growing consumer product category in the US.That’s according to a new report from the National Automobile Dealers Association.The report estimates that electric cars will cost around $1,000 to $1.50 per kilowatt-hour, compared with around $400 to $500 per kilo-hour for gas-powered vehicles.The US Department of Energy (DOE) says […]

Volkswagen gets first Tesla Model 3 and Audi RS5 plug-in electric pickup truck

The first electric pickup trucks are coming to the U.S. and they’re going to be bigger, faster, more fuel-efficient and easier to use than anything else you can buy.The Volkswagen AG diesel pickup trucks, which are already available in some European markets, are the first cars on the market with a fully electric drivetrain.Volkswagen says […]

Why Walmart electric heatings are cheaper than gasoline

Electric heaters are often touted as the cheapest way to heat your home and office.Walmart is one of the most expensive suppliers of these heaters and the company is offering the cheapest prices in the country.It’s also a leader in the electric heat exchanger market, which is growing fast.Walmart currently offers an electric heat source […]