Why is Carmen Electra still going?

A few months ago, Carmen Electrum was still running a bike show at the Electric Circus in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.“This is where we do all the shows,” she said.The event was the highlight of a two-week-long tour of the US and Europe, and Electra was still going.Her electrified electric bicycle is still in the showroom, […]

Walmart offers electric heat and heat pumps for the Walmart stores

Walmart announced Monday that it has added electric heat pumps and heaters for its stores in the U.S. to help heat up the stores.The announcement came a day after Walmart and the company’s suppliers began offering the new products at the company locations, which include the flagship Walmart in Bentonville, Ark.The products are available through […]

How to build a vibrator from scratch

The idea of a vibrating electric mixer came to me while watching a documentary about the development of electric cars.I thought of the electric motor, the battery pack, and the charger.All of these things combined to make the mixer a very complex device.When I had a chance to build my own mixer, I was immediately […]