Which electric shaver invented electric?

electric mustang has a great reputation for making high-tech, environmentally-friendly devices.It’s no wonder why it’s been the inspiration for so many companies, from Ford to Toyota to Tesla to LG.The company that pioneered the concept of electric shavers, EPC, is no stranger to innovation either.In fact, its founders were all electric-shaver enthusiasts when they started […]

The EV Dealers of America

A few weeks ago, the electric car manufacturer Electra Townie announced it was buying the entire company.Electra said it was purchasing Tesla Motors and that it would be buying another EV manufacturer.It is still in negotiations with EV owners and, in the meantime, it is selling the company to a private equity firm.The electric car […]

Electric mustang electric guitar is the first electric guitar to be built in the US, says CEO

The electric guitar was designed by a US engineer, according to electric mustangs CEO Scott E. Schmitt.Electric mustangs have been in production since at least 2000, and Schmitt is one of the biggest name in the industry.His company, Schmitt Electric, was founded in 2011.Electric longboards have been a staple of skateboarding since they first began […]