What’s in the Electric Candle in The Big Ten?

When a lot of people think of a big-name electric retailer, the one that comes to mind is Costco, which makes the popular white-and-blue cordless electric stove and electric coffee maker.But there’s a new big-box brand in town that’s taking over the spotlight: Lowes.Its electric fireplace starter, electric toothbrush and lowes electric furnace are all […]

How to make an electric circuit in an electric board

The American Electric Power Association has a $4.2 billion business, and the electric circuit is one of its most valuable assets.The company, which is based in the Chicago area, sells to power companies, electric utilities and the military, and is among the most valuable brands in the world, according to a study by research firm […]

Electric mustang electric guitar is the first electric guitar to be built in the US, says CEO

The electric guitar was designed by a US engineer, according to electric mustangs CEO Scott E. Schmitt.Electric mustangs have been in production since at least 2000, and Schmitt is one of the biggest name in the industry.His company, Schmitt Electric, was founded in 2011.Electric longboards have been a staple of skateboarding since they first began […]