Vw Electric Bus Driver Fired After Being Shot at in Michigan

Posted October 19, 2018 06:18:51 The driver of a Tesla electric bus in rural Michigan has been fired after being shot in the leg, and police say it is still unclear what the motive for the shooting is.Vw Electric, a bus company owned by Tesla, said the driver, Ryan Worsley, was working late on Monday […]

Why I hate electric toothbrushes

It’s a common story of a young girl getting a toothbrush.The kid’s parents are not impressed, so they tell their little sister that they’re going to give her an electric tooth brush instead.The mom tells her that electric tooth brushes cost a lot more than regular ones.She thinks, I bet they’re just too expensive.The next […]

What can electric vehicles do for Ireland?

Electric cars are poised to change the way we get around Ireland, as they are now the leading source of electricity for the country.However, a growing number of people are sceptical about their future.In the US, Tesla Motors has become one of the most prominent names in electric vehicles, but its share price is still […]

How to buy an electric lawn mow in Walmart?

electric eels are the first and most obvious answer to Walmart’s electric lawnmowers, but they’re not the only option.Walmart’s Electric Lawn Mowers can be purchased online or in stores.There are also a couple of electric lawn trimmers on sale.And electric trimmers with the same price tag as Walmart’s are also available.We’ve rounded up the best […]

Electric lawn mowers are more expensive than electric cars

The price of an electric lawn mowing has fallen by more than 50 per cent in five years as the industry’s boom has been driven by the internet and technology.Electric lawnmowers have gained popularity since the technology first became widely available in the 1980s.There are now more than 7,000 models in Australia and they can […]

Toyota Electric Car: The Powerhouse Of Toyota Production, Sales, And Value

Toyota Motors has announced the launch of its new Electric Motor, the electric SUV that will be sold globally starting next year.The EV will be the company’s first product to offer the fully electric driving capability of a mainstream sedan.Toyota says the car will be available in 10 markets around the world.In the United States, […]