A little electrical power is good for your soul: Researchers

In recent years, the popularity of electronic keyboards has exploded, with thousands of keyboards now available in the United States and around the world.Now, researchers are trying to figure out why.The new research is published in the journal Nature Communications.Electrical stimulation is the act of stimulating electrical signals in the brain that can change the […]

‘Giovanni Barrios’ dies in plane crash

Italia’s football legend Gianni Barrias has died in a plane crash in Spain, his family confirmed on Saturday.The Italian, who was playing at a tournament in Spain when he crashed on the island of Aragua, was 32.His wife Lucia and his two sons were among the 19 people on board.The plane, which crashed in the […]

Electric blankets and electric keyboards are becoming an increasingly popular item in the market

Electric blankets, electric keyboards and electric fields are now becoming an even more popular item on the market.Electric blankets, which can be used to simulate an electric field, and electric blankets are a popular item among young people, who can also play with their parents and grandparents.Electric fields are one of the main technologies that […]