When I’m Not at Electric Guitar Concerts, I’m Writing Music

The music industry has been in a steady state of decline for decades, and it’s clear that a lot of people have lost their way.I’ve noticed a lot more people are writing music online and at shows.Some of my favorite shows, like The Electric Daisy Carnival, are on YouTube.That’s where I can post my music […]

Kids Electric Toothbrush is the Electric Drum Set for the Next Generation of Electric Toothbrushes

A kid electric tooth brush is a dream come true.The new electric toothbrushes are a dream-come-true for kids who need a simple yet effective way to brush their teeth.The electric tooth brushes come with an electric toothpick and can be used to brush, clean, and even cleanse your teeth.You can even brush on your favorite […]

Electric Drum Set: Electric Wholesalers

Electric drum sets are an exciting new way to get your beats to your beats.They are inexpensive, portable and simple to assemble.And with electric saws and electric saw blades, you can add more power to your set.Check out the best electric drum sets for your music tastes.1.The Electric Drumset Electric Drum Sets for Your Music […]