What is Electra Complex and how does it work?

A razor company’s electric razor is designed to make shaving much easier, but what is it really?In short, it’s an electric razor that uses electricity to cut and shave your face.Electra complex has been around since 2009, but the company that created it has a new product that is currently being tested.Electra is based out […]

Why the BMW i3 is better than the BMW E-Drive 2

It’s hard to imagine a better electric car.It’s fast, comfortable, and looks fantastic, but what if that same car also has an electric motor?That’s exactly what BMW is aiming to accomplish with the i3.The company is aiming for its most powerful electric yet with the E-Power 2, a hybrid version of the BMW eDrive 2.The […]

Which electric scooters are on the market and how much does it cost?

Electric scooters can be a great alternative to gas-powered scooters and have become popular with families.Some people may even enjoy them as an alternative to cars.But there are drawbacks to owning one, and electric scottish scooter owners may find that the cost is higher than you think.Electric scooters that are available in the UK are […]