Fiorentina vs Genoa: The Genoa-Fiorentino battle to become Serie A’s most exciting rivalry

It is an argument that will have been made for decades.A decade ago, when it came to a battle between Juventus and Genoa, the two Italian sides were both relegated, and Juventus won the first of three consecutive Serie A titles in 2008-09.This season, however, Juventus have been promoted to Serie A, while Genoa have […]

When Tesla unveils its electric vehicle, Ford will be there

AUSTIN, Texas — Tesla Motors has a major new addition to its fleet.Tesla’s first electric car is expected to go on sale in 2019 and will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, a source close to the company told Bloomberg News.The company has a small amount of cash to spend on new technology, but […]

How to make an electric circuit in an electric board

The American Electric Power Association has a $4.2 billion business, and the electric circuit is one of its most valuable assets.The company, which is based in the Chicago area, sells to power companies, electric utilities and the military, and is among the most valuable brands in the world, according to a study by research firm […]