When You Can’t Live Without an Electric Vehicle

Posted August 17, 2018 12:09:49 When you think of electric vehicles, you probably think of the Tesla Model S and the Nissan Leaf.However, the two electric vehicles that are on the road right now have very different specs, so it’s not exactly a fair comparison.There are plenty of other electric vehicles out there, but none […]

When to buy an electric car

Updated September 07, 2018 08:31:06 A better understanding of the electric vehicle market is not just about how many electric vehicles there are.The question of whether the market will ever reach mass adoption is far more important.For most people, the answer is a resounding yes.Electric cars are the cheapest option available to the average consumer, […]

How to Get the Best Price on the Best Electric Car for 2018

This week, we’re spotlighting some of the best deals on electric cars from the major automakers.For those of you who’re looking to upgrade your electric car this year, it’s time to upgrade.But if you’re looking for a new vehicle, you should be shopping around for the best electric car for 2018, because they’re all selling […]