Volkswagen gets first Tesla Model 3 and Audi RS5 plug-in electric pickup truck

The first electric pickup trucks are coming to the U.S. and they’re going to be bigger, faster, more fuel-efficient and easier to use than anything else you can buy.The Volkswagen AG diesel pickup trucks, which are already available in some European markets, are the first cars on the market with a fully electric drivetrain.Volkswagen says […]

Why is Carmen Electra still going?

A few months ago, Carmen Electrum was still running a bike show at the Electric Circus in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.“This is where we do all the shows,” she said.The event was the highlight of a two-week-long tour of the US and Europe, and Electra was still going.Her electrified electric bicycle is still in the showroom, […]

What to Expect From Electric Bikes In 2019

The first electric bike in the United States to enter the marketplace was the Tesla Model S. But it was a late addition to the electric bike market, which has seen the rise of other bikes like the Karma, the Giro and even the electric scooter.The Tesla Model X, by comparison, was introduced in December […]