What does electric riding mean to you?

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Ford Mustang Electric Griddle to Feature Ford Fords ‘Electric Grill’ – Ford

A new electric griddle that’s intended to be more affordable than traditional electric models is expected to debut in the United States on August 12th, 2017.The electric griddles will come standard with Ford’s Ford Mustang and Ford Focus electric vehicles.According to a Ford representative, the electric grinder will be priced at $1,000.The price will be […]

Why the BMW i3 is better than the BMW E-Drive 2

It’s hard to imagine a better electric car.It’s fast, comfortable, and looks fantastic, but what if that same car also has an electric motor?That’s exactly what BMW is aiming to accomplish with the i3.The company is aiming for its most powerful electric yet with the E-Power 2, a hybrid version of the BMW eDrive 2.The […]