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How Tesla plans to reinvent itself as a tech company

As Tesla’s fortunes rise, it’s getting more and more difficult for some of its competitors to follow suit.While many companies like Apple and Google are taking a cautious approach, the company is trying to change the conversation around how we live our lives.Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been speaking openly about the company’s new strategy […]

Electric stove review: The best electric scooters in 2018

By Hilbert Hagedoorn and Julien CuomperNew at last year’s CES, electric scoots were among the most talked about products.Last year, however, there were only about 50 electric scoops on the market, and only about 15 of them were on the planet as of September 2018.The reason?The market is getting much smaller and electric scoot makers […]

Fiorentina vs Genoa: The Genoa-Fiorentino battle to become Serie A’s most exciting rivalry

It is an argument that will have been made for decades.A decade ago, when it came to a battle between Juventus and Genoa, the two Italian sides were both relegated, and Juventus won the first of three consecutive Serie A titles in 2008-09.This season, however, Juventus have been promoted to Serie A, while Genoa have […]

How much does electric car cost?

Electric cars are about to become the fastest-growing consumer product category in the US.That’s according to a new report from the National Automobile Dealers Association.The report estimates that electric cars will cost around $1,000 to $1.50 per kilowatt-hour, compared with around $400 to $500 per kilo-hour for gas-powered vehicles.The US Department of Energy (DOE) says […]

‘Electric log splittter’: What to know about the latest electric power outage

It was a simple idea: A portable electric logger.It’s the brainchild of a Michigan man, and he hopes to inspire others to take charge of their homes with a simple device that can help prevent power outages.Electric loggers are not cheap.They’re also not the cheapest way to do it, according to David A. Smith, owner […]

Electric fireplace heater may not be safe to use with children

By Caroline MacdonaldThe BBC’s Caroline MacDonald in London has written a column on the safety of electric furnaces for kids.She says a lot of the advice in this column was taken from an online discussion group.Here’s a sample of some of the comments.My wife and I have a 4yr old daughter who likes to play […]

The most powerful electric car ever made: Tesla’s electric Model 3

The most power-packed car ever built is a Tesla Model 3 that will make its debut in the United States on Monday, according to reports.The electric car has an expected range of over 100 miles, according the New York Times.The car is a significant leap forward from the Model S, which was able to reach […]

Electric scooters are not your typical scooters

Electric scooter owners often get frustrated with their electric vehicles, but they are not alone.The new electric vehicles are often considered “toys” because they do not provide the features that would make them reliable and efficient.This makes them difficult to drive, because they rely on a battery for power, according to a survey of more […]