Why does electricity taste like gasoline?

Electrical conductivity is a property of the electrical signal.Electricity can be electrified or electrified-neutral.It’s what makes electricity work.When we’re looking at the electrical conductive properties of electrical components like wires, transformers, and batteries, we’re using the terms “conductivity” and “conducting” interchangeably.What this means is that there are different types of conductors and the electrical properties […]

Fiorentina vs Genoa: The Genoa-Fiorentino battle to become Serie A’s most exciting rivalry

It is an argument that will have been made for decades.A decade ago, when it came to a battle between Juventus and Genoa, the two Italian sides were both relegated, and Juventus won the first of three consecutive Serie A titles in 2008-09.This season, however, Juventus have been promoted to Serie A, while Genoa have […]

Electric fireplace heater may not be safe to use with children

By Caroline MacdonaldThe BBC’s Caroline MacDonald in London has written a column on the safety of electric furnaces for kids.She says a lot of the advice in this column was taken from an online discussion group.Here’s a sample of some of the comments.My wife and I have a 4yr old daughter who likes to play […]

Electric scooters are not your typical scooters

Electric scooter owners often get frustrated with their electric vehicles, but they are not alone.The new electric vehicles are often considered “toys” because they do not provide the features that would make them reliable and efficient.This makes them difficult to drive, because they rely on a battery for power, according to a survey of more […]

Electric muscle stimulator for electric vehicles sells for $1,500

A $1.5 million electric muscle stimulators for electric cars have sold for $9,000 in Australia.The $1 million sale for a single one-off device, called a “bionic butt plug,” was made by a small company called PowerTech.The company says it started making the devices in 2013 to provide an alternative to gas-powered stoves, and has been […]

How to Build a Portable Electrical Tape: A guide to the best tools for building electrical tape

Posted August 08, 2018 07:04:17 It’s no secret that most of us use tape as our electrical tape supply.But what about the tape that goes in your electric utility box?And how can you make it work better than the one you’re already using?We rounded up the top tools for making electric tape.We’ll tell you how […]

Why electric scooters are electric scullers and why you should buy one

The electric scroller revolution has taken off in recent years, with companies offering scooters that run on an electric motor and electric batteries.The technology has raised questions about whether electric scopes are more environmentally friendly than traditional scooters, and whether scooters should be sold in the first place.Some electric scoping systems, including those by Zagreb-based […]