What does electric riding mean to you?

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‘The world is a better place because of cars’: Volvo CEO warns about the rise of EVs

A car manufacturer says cars will no longer be the world’s best way of moving people and goods in the future.Key points:Volkmar carmakers CEO Björn Hörmann says that the world is becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of electric vehicles and says it is important to have the right incentives to promote themVolkar carmakers head […]

When schoolhouse electric fires up, it’s all the rage

The first few weeks after Hurricane Sandy were rough for the city’s electric grid, but things got better as the storm neared.The utility company, Pepco, got an upgrade and started to restart the electric grid.Then the city switched from one kind of generator to another.Now, the city is starting to see more and more schoolhouse […]

Why I hate electric toothbrushes

It’s a common story of a young girl getting a toothbrush.The kid’s parents are not impressed, so they tell their little sister that they’re going to give her an electric tooth brush instead.The mom tells her that electric tooth brushes cost a lot more than regular ones.She thinks, I bet they’re just too expensive.The next […]

Patinete Electrico: The World’s Fastest Electric Scooter

Patinte Electrico is a fast electric scooters with a price tag of $5,000 that can be had for $6,000.It uses a rechargeable battery and can run up to 100 miles (160 kilometers).The electric scoot can also be bought for $1,800, which is cheaper than most other electric scoots.It is the world’s fastest electric scot, according […]

How to install solar power without burning fossil fuels

Solar power is now widely available in some American cities.But the costs are still steep and there is a significant shortage of panels.Here are three steps to get started.1.Find a HomeSolar energy is expensive and hard to come by.In addition to the high costs, there is no guarantee of success, according to Michael C. Devereaux, […]