What you need to know about the Tesla battery that will power your home

Tesla has revealed the battery that powers its new homes.Here’s everything you need know about this battery.Read more Tesla has confirmed that its home battery will have an estimated energy density of 1,600Wh/kg, which is a big improvement over previous iterations of the Model S battery.It is also larger than the previous Tesla Home battery […]

Electric lawn mowers are more expensive than electric cars

The price of an electric lawn mowing has fallen by more than 50 per cent in five years as the industry’s boom has been driven by the internet and technology.Electric lawnmowers have gained popularity since the technology first became widely available in the 1980s.There are now more than 7,000 models in Australia and they can […]

How to get a cheap power supply

What you need to know about the electrical power supply industry article Power supply manufacturers, power supply suppliers, and distributors all need to have a decent electrical supply.The key to being successful in the industry is a reliable supply of electricity, and there are lots of ways to get that.Here’s everything you need.What you need […]

Electric blankets and electric keyboards are becoming an increasingly popular item in the market

Electric blankets, electric keyboards and electric fields are now becoming an even more popular item on the market.Electric blankets, which can be used to simulate an electric field, and electric blankets are a popular item among young people, who can also play with their parents and grandparents.Electric fields are one of the main technologies that […]

Which electric scooters are on the market and how much does it cost?

Electric scooters can be a great alternative to gas-powered scooters and have become popular with families.Some people may even enjoy them as an alternative to cars.But there are drawbacks to owning one, and electric scottish scooter owners may find that the cost is higher than you think.Electric scooters that are available in the UK are […]