“The Flash” Season 6 Preview: Barry’s Revenge (Video)

When Barry Allen was just a kid, his parents took him to a fancy dance hall in the DC Comics universe.

Barry was mesmerized by the sight of all the people he loved in the room, and he quickly became a fan of the show’s main character, Flash.

Flash is a fast-talking speedster with a keen sense of justice, and his lightning-fast speed is what made Barry’s father so proud of him.

But the family soon discovered that the dance hall was actually a circus that used the circus to entertain its own audience.

Barry’s first big break came when he got his hands on a circus clown.

The circus was a favorite of Flash’s parents and the two eventually moved to the big city to live together.

Barry soon discovered the circus had a secret agenda that would eventually make its way into the heart of the Flash.

Now that Barry has found out about the circus, the Flash and the circus are about to have a big fight.

The Flash season 6 has a new look, but it will still be familiar.

The cast of The Flash is set to return to the DC Universe, and while Barry Allen will be back, the cast members will no longer be in costume.

In fact, the main cast will not be back.

Instead, the actors who were cast as characters in the comics will be returning, including a new Flash, a villain and a supporting cast member who will make an appearance in the episode.

“There are two Flashs,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“There’s one Flash who’s Barry Allen, and the other Flash who will be Barry’s dad, and that’s the villain that we will see this week.”

That villain, who will most likely be named Barry, will be the main villain in “The Arrow” episode, which airs Sunday at 9 p.m.

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