Power outage, electrical tape: What you need to know

FourFourSeconds ago, a power outage hit the South Coast.

The outage caused a major power outage on the Northern Rivers, affecting about 20,000 customers.

The blackout lasted for about two hours, and many customers experienced power outages for hours after.

The storm surge caused water to flood roads and cause power outage, as well as causing an electrical tape to fall on the roof of the house that was occupied by the elderly couple who had to be rescued.

A couple with dementia was stranded in the South of France when the power went out.

The elderly couple, who had dementia, were in the town of La Rochelle in Brittany.

The elderly couple’s daughter was in the car and the car was filled with water when the blackout happened.

The couple was rescued and the elderly man was taken to hospital where he is still in a critical condition.

The storm surge is expected to be much worse than expected.

The outage has been affecting around 5,000 homes, but there are many more people affected by the power outage, with some still stuck in their homes.