When the electric lighter goes ‘off’

The electric lighter has been around since at least 2009, but it’s not been around in Australia as long as it has in the US.

But when the lighter goes on “off”, it is “very dangerous” to drive, the Queensland Government said today.

The Queensland Government has announced a new driving ban, saying it is a safety measure to keep drivers safe and avoid a “potential crash”.

The ban is effective from 10am on September 29, and drivers are required to wear seat belts and have lights turned on.

“When an electric lighter is activated or disengaged, the vehicle will automatically go into “park”, stopping any vehicle or equipment on the road and preventing the driver from accessing or operating a vehicle, vehicle equipment, or the passenger compartment of the vehicle,” the Queensland Highway Safety Authority said.

“If an electric motor is engaged, it will automatically shut off.

This is to ensure safety in the event of an emergency.”

If you have any questions about the ban, contact the QHPSA on 1300 555 000.

You can find out more about the Queensland ban on the QHCSA website.

The new ban also includes the use of lithium ion batteries, and electric batteries for all other motor vehicles.

If you are unsure whether your vehicle has a lithium ion battery, contact QHCS on 1300 666 888.

The QHCSB said it was “confident that the introduction of a driving ban will not lead to a rise in injuries and fatalities”.

The QHPSB said its “goal is to provide a safe, reliable and convenient option for the Queensland public”.

“We are also looking at ways to encourage drivers to use electric powered vehicles and reduce the risk of an accident, particularly when they are travelling in an emergency,” it said.

Read more about Queensland ban here.