Electric fireplace heater may not be safe to use with children

By Caroline MacdonaldThe BBC’s Caroline MacDonald in London has written a column on the safety of electric furnaces for kids.

She says a lot of the advice in this column was taken from an online discussion group.

Here’s a sample of some of the comments.

My wife and I have a 4yr old daughter who likes to play in her room with us and we’ve been using a fireplace heater in her bedroom for about two years now.

She is not yet old enough to be allowed to use it but it is not an unsafe option.

What is safe for her?

We are both a bit of a fan of electric fireplaces and so have decided to get her an electric fireplace.

She loves it, and is more interested in exploring the house in general, but she does not want to use a gas or electric stove, as the noise and smoke is quite loud.

I think the best advice I can give is to use the fireplace in a low heat setting to minimise the risk of overheating.

In the past, she’s used the fireplace on a couple of occasions.

But when we got her the thermostat was on low and it’s now set at the recommended level.

So far we have not had any problems.

How do you know if your fireplaces are safe for kids?

It’s really hard to say.

There are a few factors that are considered.

Firstly, if you have any questions about the fireplaces safety, the first thing you should do is get a safety assessment.

It is worth doing this when you first decide to buy the fireplace.

The other major factor is whether you live in a large house with children and/or a lot is happening in the house.

If you live on the outskirts, it’s more likely that the children will be outside.

Also, if your house is small, there is less potential for the children to move around and for them to be exposed to any kind of danger.

Are electric firestoves safe?

Yes, they are.

If they are in the right place at the right time, they can be quite safe.

But it’s not guaranteed that a fireplace is safe or that the fire will burn safely.

For the most part, it seems safe to recommend using an electric fire starter for children as long as it is used correctly and in a safe way.

Is it OK to burn a candle in an electric stove?

A candle can be burnt in an electrical fire starter.

It can cause a fire.

But if the flame breaks, there’s no danger.

And if the candle breaks, the flame can also be burnt off by a spark.

Should I put a battery in my electric fireplace?

If you have an electric furnace and the fire is running in a normal way, the battery is unlikely to explode.

But an electric heater can.

What to do if the fire breaks?

If the fire does break and there’s smoke, you might want to put a hosepipe in the flame and try to extinguish it.

If it is hot enough, the liquid in the fuel can burn up and become trapped in the cylinder of the flame.

If that happens, it will probably start a fire and the flames will spread quickly.

If this happens, you could get burns to your skin and eyes.

If your children do get burned, it is best to put them in a child-proof container to keep them from getting burned.

The best advice is to put the container in a dry place, and close the lid.

But there is also the option of putting the fire in the fireplace, but that might burn the fuel instead.

You might be able to put it out by using a hose.

You can also put the fuel in the fire to stop it from spreading further.

If the fuel has a very high vapour pressure and the flame has a low vapour temperature, you can try to keep it warm by placing the fire inside a container of cool air.

This can be heated by a heat lamp, or by using an air conditioner.

If it is cold enough, there might be a possibility of the fire igniting and spreading the fuel inside the cylinder, which could cause it to explode and burn your house.

The only way to be sure is to try to burn it, but it may be too hot to burn.

What about gas furnaces?

Gas furnaces use compressed air to heat a room.

If the fire goes out, it can be difficult to get it back up again.

They do not have a high vapours pressure, so it’s easier to get rid of them.

But they are very slow to heat up, so they can cause serious burns.

The main thing you need to be aware of is that gas furnades are very noisy.

They are also often hot and hot enough to cause burns.

Can electric fireplace use a battery?

Electric firestove batteries are not safe to run with kids.