‘Electric log splittter’: What to know about the latest electric power outage

It was a simple idea: A portable electric logger.It’s the brainchild of a Michigan man, and he hopes to inspire others to take charge of their homes with a simple device that can help prevent power outages.Electric loggers are not cheap.They’re also not the cheapest way to do it, according to David A. Smith, owner […]

Electric fireplace heater may not be safe to use with children

By Caroline MacdonaldThe BBC’s Caroline MacDonald in London has written a column on the safety of electric furnaces for kids.She says a lot of the advice in this column was taken from an online discussion group.Here’s a sample of some of the comments.My wife and I have a 4yr old daughter who likes to play […]

The most powerful electric car ever made: Tesla’s electric Model 3

The most power-packed car ever built is a Tesla Model 3 that will make its debut in the United States on Monday, according to reports.The electric car has an expected range of over 100 miles, according the New York Times.The car is a significant leap forward from the Model S, which was able to reach […]

Electric scooters are not your typical scooters

Electric scooter owners often get frustrated with their electric vehicles, but they are not alone.The new electric vehicles are often considered “toys” because they do not provide the features that would make them reliable and efficient.This makes them difficult to drive, because they rely on a battery for power, according to a survey of more […]

The cheapest electric bike in Australia is the cheapest bike in the world

KUEV – The cheapest electric bike is the cheapest in the country, according to the latest rankings of the most affordable electric bikes in Australia.The report by Cycle Australia was released this week, which ranked the top-selling electric bikes based on their performance, cost and performance.It also ranked the most expensive bikes based upon price, […]

A car is set ablaze in Manhattan

New York City has experienced a spate of deadly arson attacks in recent months.One of the worst was at an electrical substation, where a fire broke out and spread to another part of the city.Now, a group of electrician’s are calling for the city to enact stricter laws and regulations around the use of electric […]

When I’m Not at Electric Guitar Concerts, I’m Writing Music

The music industry has been in a steady state of decline for decades, and it’s clear that a lot of people have lost their way.I’ve noticed a lot more people are writing music online and at shows.Some of my favorite shows, like The Electric Daisy Carnival, are on YouTube.That’s where I can post my music […]