Electric muscle stimulator for electric vehicles sells for $1,500

A $1.5 million electric muscle stimulators for electric cars have sold for $9,000 in Australia.

The $1 million sale for a single one-off device, called a “bionic butt plug,” was made by a small company called PowerTech.

The company says it started making the devices in 2013 to provide an alternative to gas-powered stoves, and has been sold to customers in the US and UK.

“This was a very exciting opportunity to take an existing technology and bring it to market, because we can now deliver a much greater range of energy to the environment and the community,” PowerTech’s CEO, Rob Rydges, said in a statement.

“In addition to helping to combat air pollution, the technology can be used in other industries to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean energy generation.”

PowerTech says the devices are designed to increase the efficiency of electric vehicles by increasing their efficiency.

The device’s makers say the devices will be sold as part of the PowerTech range of products, which include an electric lawn mower, electric power tools and a remote-controlled electric wheelchair.

PowerTech has made its products available in Canada and Australia, and it is planning to start selling them in other markets.

The devices have a range of up to 100 kilometres and can deliver up to 40 watts of energy.

Powertech’s products have also been sold in Canada, which is the first country in the world to allow electric cars to be sold with an electric motor, rather than gas, but the company says the move was not about price.