How electric cars could change the world

The electric car industry has been growing for decades.

There were just over 300,000 electric vehicles on US roads in 2017, compared to 1.3 million in 2020, according to industry-tracking firm Autodata.

But it looks like the industry may be getting ready to take off once again, with the launch of a new electric vehicle called the Ku Electric vehicle.

The electric vehicle is based on the Toyota Mirai, but is a hybrid, meaning it uses a plug-in hybrid fuel cell engine to run the wheels and pedals.

The company says that the vehicle has a range of 1,500 miles on a single charge.

The car’s electric motor is capable of 200 miles per charge, and its battery pack has a capacity of 1.4 kWh, which is enough to cover the average American’s daily needs for electricity.

In comparison, Tesla’s Model 3 sedan boasts a range that can go as high as 1,800 miles, but it’s only available with the same gasoline engine.

The Toyota Mira, a hybrid electric vehicle, is currently the only car with such a range, and it’s expected to become the dominant electric vehicle on the road in the next several years.

The price tag is $70,000, which means the price tag for a standard electric car is likely to come down significantly as it gains popularity.

However, with a price tag that high, there’s also a catch.

While the price will likely be lower than a standard Tesla, there will still be a price gap.

The average electric vehicle cost $50,000 when it launched in 2016, according the data compiled by Autodatar.

The Tesla Model 3 is expected to cost $65,000 by the time it comes to market, which would still put the price of an EV in the $50k range.

It’s possible that prices could drop further as Tesla develops more powerful electric vehicles, but we still don’t know the final price.

The Ku Electric car, on the other hand, is a true electric vehicle.

Its electric motor can go up to 300 miles per hour on a full charge, which can help it compete with the Tesla Model S. And the battery pack will last the average person a lot longer.

With an estimated 80 miles of range, it’s likely that the car will be a popular choice for the average driver.

But its still a bit pricey compared to the Tesla, but if you’re looking to get the most from your electric vehicle purchase, you’re probably going to want to give the Ku a shot.