Electric Unicycle to be sold in Wal-Mart stores by 2020

Electric bicycles are set to be offered in some Wal-Marts in Canada, and some stores are offering them as part of a promotion that’s aimed at attracting younger customers.

Electric bicycles, which have an internal combustion engine, are becoming increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people move to the suburbs and into cities.

The electric unicycle is an affordable, compact electric vehicle that is a great alternative to a car.

Wal-mart Canada says that by 2020, the company will sell electric unicycles in Canada.

“We believe electric bicycles are the next wave of transportation, and we want to help our customers find a fun and exciting way to explore,” said Mark Miller, president of Wal-marts in Ontario.

“This program has the potential to make electric unis even more affordable and accessible, and help the growing number of people who are turning to the convenience of the bicycle for recreation.”

The electric bicycle is a two-wheeled, battery-powered, electric bicycle.

It has a range of about 300 kilometres (186 miles), and can be ridden for two hours without stopping.

It is not a fully electric vehicle, but it does have a lithium-ion battery that can be charged and recharged.

The vehicle also comes with an electric range of 100 kilometres, and can also be used for commuting.

Wal-mart stores in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta have sold the electric uni, and in the U.S., the company has sold a small fleet of the vehicles, said Michael Mancuso, director of marketing and partnerships at Wal- mart Canada.

He said the program is not new for the chain, but he said the stores are seeing the popularity of the electric bicycles and the excitement they are generating among customers.

“Electric unis are a great way for people to get exercise and get off the couch,” said Manciso.

“The idea behind the program was to help people explore more of what it means to ride a bicycle.”

The company said it will also sell electric bicycles to a limited number of retailers in other Canadian cities.

The company is selling the first batch of 100 electric bicycles in Quebec in the spring.

The company says it plans to sell the first of these bikes in 2020.

It will be possible to ride an electric unijet bike in the stores.

The unicycling program will allow customers to choose between two models: a model that uses the battery pack as an electric motor and a model with the battery as an internal electric motor.

The electric unibikes will be available for purchase in the same locations as the regular unicycle.

The unicycle comes with a range between 300 kilometres and 500 kilometres and is capable of speeds up to 30 kilometres per hour.

The battery-electric unicycle is made by a company called Electrolux.

It comes with its own electric motor, as well as the battery.

It is capable for speeds up in excess of 50 kilometres per hours.

The motor uses electricity stored in the battery, but is powered by the battery itself.

The electricity from the battery can be used to power the motor.

The batteries are rated for more than 100 kilometres of travel, but the batteries can be recharged with electricity from a solar panel.

Electrolux’s website says that the batteries store electricity for more or less 30 minutes per charge, and they can be stored in various temperatures, from -40 to +60 Celsius (32 to +93 Fahrenheit).

Electroflex’s website also says that they are “more than half the weight of a normal bicycle.”

According to the company, the batteries are safe and can last for more years than regular unicycliches.