When will the new EV electric razor start shipping?

A few months ago, the company announced it would begin shipping the first batch of its EV razor to its first customers this year.

But a few days later, the razor maker stopped delivering the product to customers and replaced it with a cheaper version of the same razor, which is now being used by more people.

The company says the new model is “coming soon” and is not expected to arrive until late September.

We’ve reached out to EV razor maker EVO to ask what the timeline is for the razor to arrive, and if there’s a price difference between the two versions.

According to EVO, the new razor will be $199 and the old will be around $150.

That means the new version will cost $25 less than the old.

That’s a pretty steep price difference.

If you were to ask us, we’d say the new one is the more affordable of the two, and EVO has been selling it for a couple of months.

It also says it has been shipping the new product to about 500 people who have already ordered it, so we’ll update this article if we hear back.