‘The world is a better place because of cars’: Volvo CEO warns about the rise of EVs

A car manufacturer says cars will no longer be the world’s best way of moving people and goods in the future.

Key points:Volkmar carmakers CEO Björn Hörmann says that the world is becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of electric vehicles and says it is important to have the right incentives to promote themVolkar carmakers head of the European carmaker group said: “The world will not be a better world without cars”He told the Financial Times that the introduction of electric cars in Europe and the US was “really good news” for the industry, because it was a “big step in the right direction”.

He added: “I think that we will see a big rise in the adoption of electric motors in the coming years and that will be very good for the car industry.”

I think we need to have a good, long-term and stable policy for promoting electric cars, which will mean that they are not just a marketing tool for us.

“He said the cars were a “great way” to move people and things.”

They can get us out of our car, we can get around our neighbourhood, we are a great way to go about things,” he said.”

And so I think it is really important for us to have these vehicles in the world, and for us as an industry to be very clear about how we want to use these cars and what the policies are that we want in place.

“Mr Hörmans comments come as the government in the US is seeking to ban electric cars from new vehicles, despite the fact that electric cars make up less than 0.01 per cent of US vehicle sales.

Volvo has not yet confirmed whether it would follow in the footsteps of American automaker General Motors and introduce electric cars into its vehicles.

The company said it is “very aware” of the issue and that “in order to maintain the market position in the market, we need an incentive programme”.

It said it was working closely with other carmakers to “better understand the needs of electric vehicle manufacturers”.

Volvo, which makes cars in Denmark and Sweden, has been looking to develop electric vehicles for several years, following the launch of the first electric-powered car in Germany.”

He added that Volvo was “very active” in the sector and that it had been working with “several partners” to “discuss and design the future of electric and hybrid technology”.””

We are very aware that in the near future there will be an increasing number of car manufacturers coming into the market.”

He added that Volvo was “very active” in the sector and that it had been working with “several partners” to “discuss and design the future of electric and hybrid technology”.

“We are now working with a few other car manufacturers,” he added.

“We know there are a number of electric car manufacturers and we are working very closely with them.”

Volvo says it has made “significant investments” to develop the electric vehicle market, and that its investment into the sector will help the company stay competitive.

“This is not just about cost and profit, but also about our environmental, social and social conscience,” Mr Wohlfahrt said.