A little electrical power is good for your soul: Researchers

In recent years, the popularity of electronic keyboards has exploded, with thousands of keyboards now available in the United States and around the world.

Now, researchers are trying to figure out why.

The new research is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Electrical stimulation is the act of stimulating electrical signals in the brain that can change the electrical activity of neurons.

The electrical stimulation is done by placing a small, electrically conductive metal pad over a small area of skin.

These pads can be used to stimulate the electrical signals through an electrical circuit, which is how most electronic keyboards work.

The researchers first measured electrical activity in the brains of mice, and found that electrical stimulation caused a change in electrical activity.

They then tested the effect on rats.

They found that rats that received electrical stimulation in the right temporal lobe had increased electrical activity over those that received stimulation in their left temporal lobe.

They also found that when mice received electrical training in the left temporal lobes, their brain activity increased as well.

The researchers said this is because the left hemisphere has more connections between neurons than the right hemisphere.

“The findings of this study highlight a new possibility,” said the study’s lead author, John A. Haddad, a professor of neuroscience at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“There is a way to stimulate a brain activity by electrical stimulation that we do not yet understand.”

The researchers have also found a way that electrical stimuli can cause a change of electrical activity through the brain’s membrane.

This means that electrical signals can cause changes in electrical signals, which can then be passed on to the electrical nerve cells.

“We can’t control the brain in a normal way, so we can’t just put a tiny device over a brain and let it do what it’s doing,” said Haddadd.

The electrical stimulation also increased the amount of nerve cells that are stimulated, as well as the amount that is stimulated.

In addition, the researchers found that these changes in activity could be reversed by other types of electrical stimulation.

For example, they found that it can be reversed through an electric guitar, a piece of music played on a electric guitar.

While this research is new, it does not mean that the stimulation is harmful, said the lead author of the study, Robert A. Griesbach, a researcher at the University of California, San Diego.

He said that the research has already proven that electrical devices can be a good way to improve your health and your mind.

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