Tesla, Tesla Semi: The latest news

A new batch of Tesla Semi batteries are on their way, bringing the company’s new EV line to a full-blown electric vehicle production line.

The latest batch of batteries were unveiled at Tesla’s “Batteries” event in California this morning, and they’re expected to be in the hands of the world’s most popular carmaker soon.

The first batch of new battery packs is expected to arrive in 2019, with more coming this year.

Tesla has been working hard on improving the efficiency of its batteries, which it claims are 30 percent more efficient than its lithium-ion battery packs.

Tesla plans to use the new batteries in all of its vehicles and to build its first mass production plant for the Model 3, which will come out in 2021.

Tesla is also working on a new energy storage product called Powerwall, which uses lithium-sulfur batteries, with the goal of powering homes in the US with as little as 4 kW of energy storage capacity.

Tesla will be the first major carmaker to produce and sell Powerwall.

The company also announced plans to open its first energy storage facility in the United States, the company said.

Tesla’s biggest competition for electric vehicle sales is the likes of Ford, which announced its first electric vehicle, the F-150 Raptor, in 2015.

Tesla also has its sights set on the future of mass-market cars, with plans to expand into the luxury segment, and plans to enter the electric SUV market.