Patinete Electrico: The World’s Fastest Electric Scooter

Patinte Electrico is a fast electric scooters with a price tag of $5,000 that can be had for $6,000.

It uses a rechargeable battery and can run up to 100 miles (160 kilometers).

The electric scoot can also be bought for $1,800, which is cheaper than most other electric scoots.

It is the world’s fastest electric scot, according to a study conducted by a Finnish company and published in the European Journal of Consumer Research.

The report says that the Patintes are faster than a new BMW M4 and Ford Fiesta SE, but only by a fraction.

Patintein’s founder and chief executive, Lars K. Oskol, said that his company’s first electric scopes, the Electrico and the Energia, had sold out in less than two weeks.

It had a market of roughly 50,000 units, according a spokesperson for PatinTees.

“We believe that we have the highest profit margin in the market,” Oskal said.

The Patinsteins also use a proprietary technology to produce the batteries.

It costs about $1 million to build a battery for an electric scooting, according Oskala.

“You need to have a large amount of steel, metal and components for this product,” he said.

In comparison, a typical electric bike costs $1.5 million.

The electric bike also uses a special electric motor that moves the scooter’s wheels to propel it.

Patino’s battery pack is not cheap.

According to the report, Patin Tees was able to raise $1 billion in financing to develop the electric scotties.

The company says that it expects to have production of the Patino in 2020.

According the company’s blog, the electric bikes can go from zero to 100 kilometers (62 miles) in less time than it takes to walk an average American in New York City.

Patins are popular with young people because they are very light, said Oskara.

They can be used for commuting to the office or to the mall.

They are great for sports, but not for commuting, Oskola said.