Arizona Power, Tesla’s electric vehicle, to expand to Tucson

The Tucson Electric Power Authority (TEPA) has announced that it will be adding Tesla’s first-generation electric vehicle to its fleet.

The utility said on Tuesday that the first Tesla Model S electric vehicle would arrive at the TEPA in Tucson, Arizona.TEPA is a part of Arizona’s Electric Reliability Program and will operate the first two Tesla vehicles on a 24-month lease.”TEPa’s mission is to offer our customers access to reliable electricity and our employees are committed to supporting and supporting the utility’s mission,” said TEPa Chairman Mark Williams in a statement.

Tesla will begin deliveries of its first Model S in the state later this year.

The Tesla Model X, the electric SUV that has become a best-seller in Arizona, will also be delivered by the utility this year, with Tesla saying that it has already shipped more than 3,000 Model X vehicles to customers in Arizona and that it expects to deliver 1,000 vehicles to TEPas customers in 2018.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also said that his company would be bringing Model S production to Tucson by 2020.

Tucson is already home to a Tesla Supercharger network, with the city serving as a testing ground for the Tesla electric vehicle.