How to make a acoustic electric guitar

The future of acoustic guitars is already here.

The electric guitar has a reputation for being too brittle and not going anywhere fast, but a new design from German manufacturer Elektrum may be the answer to those complaints.

The new design combines the traditional design with a lot of custom features, and its name is Electric Fence.

The company announced the new design at the recent Electric Guitar World Expo in San Jose, California.

We’ll have more from the event in a few weeks, but the video above is a good introduction to the company.

Elektra’s new electric guitar design features a single body made of aluminum and titanium with a flexible wire-core neck that’s about 20% lighter than a conventional guitar neck.

This means that the body will not only be strong enough to handle the rigors of a gigging gig, but it also won’t be able to break down at any point.

This is good news for musicians who have been working with metal to produce the best quality electric guitars, but especially for guitarists who have a history of injuries.

The idea behind Elektrak is that it’s a lightweight and flexible guitar neck that will work with any guitar string.

The body itself is made of titanium, and the wire core can be made from any material, including carbon fiber.

The wire core is reinforced with magnets to keep it from bending when it’s hit with a hammer.

Elektra claims that the combination of these three components will create a guitar that’s as flexible as a guitar can be.

And it’s all thanks to Elektrackers innovative new electric bridge design.

This bridge consists of a single piece of wood, which is then attached to a flexible neck using a magnetic material.

This design allows for a much more comfortable and natural sounding tone.

The result is a guitar with a very flexible and balanced sound, with the feel of a normal acoustic guitar.

Eleklabs new bridge is available in both acoustic and electric versions.

The acoustic guitar comes in three colorways: black, white, and dark blue.

The white guitar is only available in two colorways.

The black guitar comes with a black and white finish and has a two-piece maple neck with a maple fingerboard.

The dark blue guitar comes on a dark blue finish with a two piece maple neck and a three piece maple fingerstock.

The Elektrums electric guitar neck is available for $2,500, which includes a standard 12-string, a four-string with an EMG EMG-1 bridge, and a seven-string.

The price for the two-string electric guitar starts at $2.5, while the four-piece with EMG is $3,500.

The bridge is also available for the electric guitar for $1,500 plus a matching EMG bridge.

The guitar comes without the traditional black or white pickguard, which Elektec has changed to a black pickup cover.

The rest of the guitar is covered with a gloss black plastic that looks good on the neck.

The overall look of the new electric guitars body is pretty simple.

It’s made of black carbon fiber and a single wood piece.

The pickup cover has a metal plate that looks like a regular pickup plate, but instead of the usual flat piece of carbon fiber it has a notch at the end.

This makes it easier to pick up the guitar without having to take your finger off the string.

And there’s no fretboard at all.

The top of the pickguard is a chrome piece that’s made from a plastic called a die cast.

It looks like it’s made to be used for a more solid feel when playing the guitar.

A red LED light in the middle of the pickup plate lights up when the pickup is pressed down.

There’s a white LED light on the back of the neck that indicates the pickup switch position.

You can also adjust the pickup selector switch to a single or three-way pickup switch, but that’s not necessary.

The three-piece pickup with EM-1 is available with either a black finish or white finish, and both are available in a five-piece, which costs $2 to $3K.

There are also two different six-string versions of the same bridge: black and silver.

The two- and four- string versions of this bridge are also available with white finishes, and they’re also available in three- and five-string finishes.

The finish options for the bridge are all black, which looks nice on the body, and white, which makes it look pretty.

The neck is a solid piece of aluminum with a nice finish.

The fingerboard is a beautiful metal with a silver finish, too.

The tone of the instrument is really great, too, with a wide range of tones and notes.

The highs are very good and punchy, with good sustain and plenty of clarity.

The lows are not quite as bright as the highs, but they are not bad either.

The midrange is very low, and there’s