Walmart’s electric truck file: ‘It is a huge opportunity’

The electric truck business is a $2.4 billion industry in the United States and a $1.6 billion industry globally.

It is not new to the U.S., but it has never been so competitively priced, said Jim Phelan, a former president of the Electric Vehicle Association.

The U.K. is currently the world leader in the electric truck market with 1,100 vehicles sold in its fleet of over 2,000 trucks, according to the UK Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association.

The United States has a similar number of electric trucks.

In 2014, there were over 5,000 electric trucks on the roads in the U-S.

and the country has the third-largest fleet in the world with over 11,000.

But that doesn’t mean the electric vehicle industry has any sort of monopoly.

In many cases, a truck’s fuel tank is more important than the fuel itself.

For instance, many electric truck owners use gasoline, but some also run diesel, and some electric vehicles run on electricity.

Some electric truck manufacturers use proprietary electric motors.

And there are still a number of companies that produce electric trucks that aren’t electric.

The electric truck fleet in 2016 totaled almost 5,300, according a U.N. study.

But the U.-S.

fleet was down 3.4 percent from 2015, while the UK fleet increased by 11.7 percent.

The UK Electric Vehicle Alliance, which represents the industry’s largest and most influential players, is now lobbying to add electric trucking to its annual report.

In the meantime, the UAW has been pushing the federal government to add a national electric truck mandate to the 2020 National Environmental Policy Act.

The requirement would require electric trucks to meet a minimum of 100 percent of emissions by 2025.

The UAW also pushed Congress to add an additional requirement for electric truck fleets to include fuel economy requirements.

The EPA has not yet responded to the lobbying efforts.

While electric truck sales are booming in the states, the electric industry is booming in China.

China is home to about 60 percent of the world’s electric trucks and has the fourth-largest fleets.

It also has a massive and growing domestic market for electric trucks in China, according the Electric Power Association.

But electric truck emissions remain low, and most electric truck companies are not registered in China to comply with the law.