What is Electra Complex and how does it work?

A razor company’s electric razor is designed to make shaving much easier, but what is it really?

In short, it’s an electric razor that uses electricity to cut and shave your face.

Electra complex has been around since 2009, but the company that created it has a new product that is currently being tested.

Electra is based out of the US and is currently testing its razor at the National Museum of American History in Washington DC.

It’s a hybrid of a traditional razor and an electric shaving brush.

Electrum is a hybrid product that combines traditional shaving brushes with an electric blade.

The blades on this razor are made of aluminum and are covered in a coating of magnesium oxide.

These blades are charged via a small battery in the middle of the razor.

The battery is powered by an internal power supply.

This battery has a small capacitor in it and an integrated battery charger, which is the core of the device.

The razor has two blades, one that’s an “open” blade and one that is a “closed” blade.

The blade openings are designed to be wide enough to allow for full skin contact with your face, while still being able to allow the blade to cut through your skin without causing irritation.

The open blade is a thinner blade that’s meant to shave more quickly, while the closed blade is meant to have longer lasting shave power.

The product is very affordable and can be purchased in either two blades or three blades.

It comes in a variety of sizes from the standard 2-blade razor to the electric razor, which can be custom ordered with up to a 12-blade blade.

It also comes with a variety the tools and accessories to help you make the right decision when it comes to your razor.

Electro complex also has an app on their website that allows customers to control the razor remotely, using the touchscreen on the back of the blade.

This feature allows you to shave while you’re connected to the internet, which means that the razor won’t waste battery power.

Electracycle’s products are not cheap, but that’s what makes them a great option for those who don’t want to spend big money on a razor.

They also have an amazing customer support team who will answer your questions and answer any questions you have.

ElectracyCLE also has a Facebook page, so you can keep up with the latest news from the company and the people behind it.

You can also check out Electra’s website to learn more about the company, see some videos and read reviews from the people who use their products.