‘I don’t know how we could get any better’: Democrats push to get rid of Trump’s tax cuts

By now, we all know that President Donald Trump’s economic plan is a total failure.

The plan would have reduced taxes for the wealthiest Americans and those making $1 million a year by an average of nearly $1,200 a year.

For the rest of us, we are stuck with a tax code that doesn’t allow for much tax relief.

That’s not the point.

If Democrats had any sense, they would have offered a solution that is more like the plan that President Obama put together: A combination of tax cuts for the wealthy and for the middle class.

In fact, it would have been the exact opposite of the President’s proposal, which has been criticized by Democrats as unfair and ineffective.

This is not the first time that Democrats have tried to change the tax code, but their efforts are usually met with resistance from Republicans.

Democrats have been working on tax reform for years, and they’ve tried several times to pass the plan they want to repeal and replace the current tax code.

This time, the Republicans are not going to listen.

The Senate will vote on a tax plan Thursday, and Democrats will have to work overtime to pass it.

That means a lot of people will lose their tax breaks, and many people will be hurt by it.

But they’re going to have to find ways to find a way to make sure people can get the breaks they need, and to give people who want to keep their tax break some relief.

For example, the House bill includes an offsetting tax credit to help people with lower incomes, and Republicans want to use the credits to help those who make over $1 billion.

But the Senate plan would make the credit only available to people making less than $1.3 million.

This would mean that people earning less than that will still be able to get a tax break.

The tax bill would also increase the standard deduction, which would help those making over $10 million.

But it would only be available to those making under $50,000.

If the Senate bill becomes law, there would be a 30 percent tax on millionaires, a 25 percent tax rate on millionaires and a 13 percent tax bracket on those making less.

It’s not clear how Democrats would offset this.

What we do know is that they will not let tax cuts expire, and there is no chance that Republicans will allow it.

Instead, they’re hoping that they can pass a tax bill that will make it easier for the poor and middle class to get some tax relief from the tax system.

They’ll also try to give more help to people with student loans, but that’s not going be easy.

The House bill would provide tax credits to people who are currently on student loans to make up the difference between paying the loans off and getting the tax relief that they’re seeking.

That would help millions of Americans, and that’s a good thing.

But Republicans in the Senate are not just aiming to make student loans more affordable for students.

They’re also aiming to give tax breaks to the wealthy.

They want to allow them to deduct their investment income and their dividends from their taxes, which is a huge giveaway to the rich.

They are hoping that the Senate’s plan will get the Senate on board.

Democrats will try to convince Republicans that this is about fairness and about helping the middle-class, and we should support the plan.

That is exactly what they did in the House, and the Senate is moving in the opposite direction.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Republicans vote on the House-passed tax bill Thursday afternoon.

If they vote to pass this tax bill, we should be able see it in the morning on the Senate floor, as the vote is expected to pass quickly.

We will have a real look at how this tax plan is going to affect Americans.

We can’t know for sure if Republicans are going to pass a bill that has all of the major tax breaks that they want, or if they’re just going to give these breaks to people that they think are wealthy.

But if Republicans want the Senate to support this bill, they have to do something that makes it harder for the President to pass his tax bill.

The President is trying to use his tax cuts to help himself and his family, and if they are passed by the Senate, it will make him even more unpopular.

We are all hoping that Democrats will finally get the House to pass their tax plan, but they can’t let the President get away with the fact that he can’t pass the bill.

He is going back to the Senate.