Electric heating systems are selling out in Israel

The demand for electric heating systems is so high in Israel that some people are starting to run out of them, according to an electric heating company.

The electric heating system is a large part of Israel’s energy mix, accounting for a third of the country’s electricity.

It accounts for about 90 percent of electricity use, according a 2012 study by the energy and environment ministry.

However, the market for the electric heating equipment has been extremely volatile.

The price of electric heating has plummeted dramatically since the beginning of the year, as it became easier to purchase and install equipment at home.

Electric heating companies said they had to shut down in January because they had no money to purchase the equipment.

Electricity is now cheaper than gas and diesel, said Eilat Avigdor, president of Eilatsco, an Israeli electric heating and cooling company.

But for some people, the high cost of the equipment is not a deterrent.

Eilats Co-founder Avigdar Elad said that he started a small company that sells electric heating units for about 50 shekels ($1.50).

He has a limited number of customers in the area, and has not been able to sell much.

“It’s a bit of a nightmare, because I don’t know how many units there are,” he said.

He said he had to buy a second electric heater to meet demand.

He added that his business was booming.

The average annual sales price of an electric heater is about 500 shekeles ($4), and it is available in several parts of the Tel Aviv-area.

The company has a few dozen electric units in the market, but the majority of customers buy them as single units that can be installed in a home.

“It’s hard to get more than 50 shekel ($4) for a single unit,” said Avigar Elad, a father of two.

“So I’m not sure why people are doing it.”

Eilat said he could not explain the surge in the electric heater demand in Israel.

He said he hoped the government would improve the supply of electric heaters.

“I would like to see a more consistent supply of these units, so people can get them,” he told The Jerusalem Report.

He also said he was disappointed with the price of the electric heat pumps.

“This is what we used to pay for a heating pump, it’s cheaper than buying a refrigerator or a freezer,” he explained.

Eliats Co. had sold about 1,500 electric heating devices to customers in January.

In total, the company sells about 10,000 electric heat units to customers annually.

“We have sold a lot of units to the public in recent months,” said Eichan Bar-On, an Eilatos Co. sales manager.

“We are very happy to see that this demand has been growing.”

But Eilatz said he did not expect to make any profit from the electric sheikhs sales.

“Our company is not profitable, so we don’t plan to make much money on this sale,” he added.

Eillats Co.’s electric heating unit sells for about 2,500 shekell ($30) a month.

The company has already had to take out loans to meet the costs of operating the unit.

“The loan for the unit has not yet been repaid, so it is in a bit more precarious situation,” he stated.

But the company has received support from local authorities, as well as some of the Israeli government.

“The government has been very supportive,” he concluded.

“I think this is good news, and I hope this is the start of an economic boom for the country.”