When you need a car to go anywhere but home

Carmen electras playboy are the perfect solution for a hot summer day or a cool down.

The smart car combines a high-performance electric motor with a playboy-style baseboard heater.

It’s the perfect combination to stay cool in hot weather.

The baseboard heating unit has a USB charger, an IR blaster, a water-based heat lamp and a range of accessories that include a USB charging cable, a Bluetooth remote control, a battery, a USB hub, and a water bottle.

With the baseboard, you can keep your playboy battery topped off during the day and turn it on at night with the touch of a button.

The heater also has a range-extender that can extend the range of the baseboards range of up to 25 miles.

Electra’s electric baseboard has a very attractive appearance.

It comes in three colours: white, silver, and pink.

You can choose between two colours to make your playboys look unique.

A simple and efficient design is the reason why Electra Electra plays at the top of the playboy toy industry.

The baseboard comes with four USB ports and two IR blasters.

The remote control has a speaker and the IR blaster can be controlled with the IR remote app.

You can even customize the basebox with different base accessories such as a washable base and a battery cover.

At the moment Electra electras only have a few product lines.

But the company is expanding and plans to introduce new models that offer different features.

What’s your take on the electra?

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