Electric Bike: The Most Affordable Electric Bike on the Planet

The first electric bike that was sold on the U.S. market has been bought by the state of Hawaii.

Hawaii Electric announced on Thursday that the electric bike, called the Electric Bike, has sold out in the state in a matter of hours.

The Electric Bike is a hybrid electric bicycle that uses electric batteries to power its motion, while using the kinetic energy of a human rider.

It’s designed to be ridden by anyone, but is specifically designed to get people from Point A to Point B within five minutes, according to Hawaii Electric.

The battery packs of the Electric bike are made of a thin, flexible material called graphene that has a density of one hundred thousandth of a millimeter.

This makes it lightweight, making it a much better choice for electric vehicles.

Hawaii Electric is offering the electric bicycle for $5,000.

It costs $4,600 to build a single bike.