Dakotic Electric heating pad to be introduced as an NFL product

The New York Jets announced Wednesday that they have teamed up with the Electric Heat Pad Company of New Jersey to launch the Dakotic electric heating pad, an electric heating product that can be used in an indoor space.

The team said it has teamed up to bring the product to NFL stadiums for players and coaches to use.

The team said the product was developed with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption, and was developed by a team member and partner who have extensive experience in the field.

The electric heat pad is powered by an inverter that converts the heat generated by the heating pad into electricity, which can then be used to heat an area of a building.

It can also be used for hot tubs and heated swimming pools.

The product will be available as an optional accessory to all NFL stadiums, but will be limited to the Jets’ home game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

The Jets said it will also be available to the general public through their retail partners at participating locations.

The company said the pads will be the first electric heat pads to be produced for NFL teams.

The company’s founder, Mike Bajak, said the idea for the product came from the team’s practice and scrimmages.

He said the concept is based on a number of factors, including the need to cut energy usage, and the need for a heat pad for NFL games.

“The biggest thing for me is to help the players and the coaches in the locker room, who are on the field every single day, have a cool pad,” Bajaks said.

“We’re using the technology in this new product that’s going to help us do that.”

The team also said it plans to add the product in future NFL stadiums.