Electric scooter owner’s ‘death and rebirth’ in Adelaide

A motorcyclist who was shot and killed while riding his scooter at an Adelaide park last year has been resurrected.

Key points:The man, who was a motorcyclists apprentice, was fatally shot by a person who was riding a scooter on Southdale Road in Adelaide last yearA man was charged with murder in the caseThe man was the apprentice of a motorcycling instructor at the time of the shootingA 28-year-old man who was charged over the killing of the man, identified as James, has been charged with murdering him.

James was an electric scooters apprentice when he was shot at the Adelaide Recreation Ground in Southdale Park in August 2016.

He was riding his Yamaha XZ650 scooter when he suffered multiple gunshot wounds, including two that injured his brain.

Mr Justice Dickson ruled the shooting was justified.

“The accused has been identified and I find him guilty of the offence,” he said.

The man’s body was found in a shallow grave.

In December 2016, the man’s father pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges, and was sentenced to three years’ jail.

His father had previously pleaded guilty in the death of his son, who died on the night of the fatal shooting.

But in January 2017, his son’s mother died of a heart attack while in jail.

A second man, Anthony, pleaded guilty on the same charge and was handed a life sentence.

A third man, Alexander, has not been charged.

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