Electric fireplace: It’s like the coolest thing in the world!

By the time I got home, the lights were on, the fans were pumping and the house was warm.

I could barely see my neighbors in the back yard.

 The place was so quiet.

The room was packed with friends and family, and the only noise was the crackling of the electric fireplace.

I was excited to get my first electric fireplace in my house.

The process of setting up the fire was a little different than I expected.

It was pretty much like putting on a mask.

First I had to lay out the walls, then put on a little mask and put a layer of insulation on top.

I then cut the insulation in half.

Then I had a firecracker in the corner of the room, but the smoke would fill the whole room, so I left the other end open.

Next I put on some curtains and a blanket, and then I had the door shut.

That’s when the fun started.

After putting the fireplaces in the house, I was able to play around with different settings.

When the lights came on, I set up the fireplace in the kitchen, in the living room, and in the backyard.

Some people like to put a few lights up in a room, where they can look out into the street and see the streetlights, so the lights don’t bother people walking by.

For me, I wanted to create a place that people could come to see.

In the future, I’ll probably start putting more lights in the fireplace.

But for now, the fireplace is pretty quiet.