Electric heating systems are selling out in Israel

The demand for electric heating systems is so high in Israel that some people are starting to run out of them, according to an electric heating company.The electric heating system is a large part of Israel’s energy mix, accounting for a third of the country’s electricity.It accounts for about 90 percent of electricity use, according […]

What you need to know about electric vehicle sales, including the big names, to get a jump on 2017

Share this article Share Tesla has been one of the most exciting electric vehicle companies to watch since the Model 3 was announced.Its electric cars have been one-third of the sales of the entire industry, with over 100,000 sold in the first quarter alone.While it’s hard to say for certain, this might be one of […]

Why Electric Unicycles Are The Best Electric Scooters for Kids

Electric unicycles are so much fun for kids and are also great for your energy efficiency.We know from research we’ve done that electric unicycling is the safest way to travel, the most convenient, and the most economical way to get around your neighborhood.You can even take a fun, non-competitive race to see who can drive […]

Walmart says it will install 5 million electric heat-generating heaters in US by 2021

Walmart says the company will install five million electric heating and cooling systems in the US by 2020.The company said it would be installing 1 million of these systems by the end of the decade.Walmart said it will start installing the systems this year, as part of a broader program to improve its efficiency.Electric car […]

Why the BMW i3 is better than the BMW E-Drive 2

It’s hard to imagine a better electric car.It’s fast, comfortable, and looks fantastic, but what if that same car also has an electric motor?That’s exactly what BMW is aiming to accomplish with the i3.The company is aiming for its most powerful electric yet with the E-Power 2, a hybrid version of the BMW eDrive 2.The […]

What you need to know about the Tesla battery that will power your home

Tesla has revealed the battery that powers its new homes.Here’s everything you need know about this battery.Read more Tesla has confirmed that its home battery will have an estimated energy density of 1,600Wh/kg, which is a big improvement over previous iterations of the Model S battery.It is also larger than the previous Tesla Home battery […]

How to save $250 on a new electric fireplace

Lowes Electric Stoves: What You Need to Know.Lowes, which is owned by Lowe’s, has been rolling out electric stove models to its stores since the start of the year.The company says it’s already made a big splash with its electric stoved models, and that it has been offering electric staves for some time.Lowels has introduced […]

General Electric’s American Electric Power, which makes the electric cigarette, is moving forward with its expansion plans

General Electric is looking to build its new $1.2 billion electric cigarette plant in Indiana, a move that could further expand its business.The company’s new plant would add to its current 1,300-acre electric cigarette manufacturing facility in South Carolina.The plant would be one of three new facilities planned in the state, joining a new $600 […]